Awakening the non verbal, sensory body wisdom for enhancing safe and harmonious coordination of moving as Nature intended

Movement Intelligence Programmes

Dynamic movement processes with Safety First care

Walking with poles for health, posture and biological optimism


From frozen limitation to liveliness Mobility

The inner game of chewing

Enhancing Movement Freedom at any age

Self care strategies moderated to personal
condition for solving mobility issues, in group
or individual sessions by exploration of non-familiar
options of safe, easy, and pain free way of moving

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Resources for Movement Intelligence programs.

Movement Intelligence Solutions provide a new and radically different set of methods to develop bone strength, balance, posture and flexibility for all levels of mobility. Ruthy Alon has created and developed a forward thinking movement practice that is delivered as a set of self-care strategies, giving people the power to change their own bodies and their lives. Movement Intelligence Solutions is a holistic set that provides solutions for the everyday from walking, dealing with injury, increasing mobility and even mindful eating. Each series can be studied and used individually or as part of the whole.

Ruthy Alon, Ph.D

Ruthy Alon is one of the leading practicioners of the Feldenkreis Technique - starting her career as one of Moshe Feldenkreis' first pupils, she has gone on to teach all over the world. Since has spent more then a decade developing Movement Intelligence - her own unique set of solutions for optimal functioning, based on a life time of movement and a lot of research. Her solutions programme Bones for Life has been reviewed by NASA as a method to prevent astraunauts bone density loss. Ruthy was awarded an honarary phD to mark her contributions to the field.