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The 6 Basic Lessons Everyone Needs

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Created & Presented by
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The 6 Movement Intelligence Lessons
 Dynamic Strength & Streamlined Posture


Filmed by Israeli TV, 2010
at Ruthy’s home in Jerusalem



1. The Wrap — a Loan of Upright Posture

Step-by-step instruction in using the Wrap to secure a streamlined, vertical posture that can withstand gravitational force with added pressure  — loads that puts greater-than-usual demands on the skeletal axis. With use of the Wrap even people who are less than optimally organized, can safely meet the impacts of dynamic, bone-building activities such as lively walking, running, and even jumping.

2. Free Your Neck

A simple self-help process to restore easy mobility in the neck through redistribution proportional labor of flexibility between neck and trunk, emphasizing the involvement of the upper back. Instead of demanding from your vulnerable neck to do what it cannot, you recover its lost flexibility by articulating stiffly fixed areas of your torso, to reestablish overall harmony as in Family Therapy.

3. Spontaneous Upright Sitting

Transform the chair — from a device that traps you into being lazy and irresponsible — into a tool that helps you discover a functional and effortless way to counter gravity while seated.

4. Put a Spring in your Step

Free your knee from difficulty by supporting it with the primal flexibility of its integrative partner, the ankle, using a natural pattern derived from quadruped mobilization.

5. Reversed Running

By using a common table, or the back of a chair, to free yourself from balance concerns, you can easily evoke your body’s spontaneous uprightness in just a few minutes.


6. Bouncing on the Heels 

Rhythmic pulsations stimulate blood flow, build bone strength, and — with less investment of effort than in walking — recruit your entire body in dynamic, anti-gravity activity that uplifts both your posture and your spirits, affirming your upright axis as it rekindles  your Biological Optimism.



Director  —  Sarit Lewy
Music  —  Robert Schlesinger
English Voiceover  —  Suzanne Toren
Group Participants:
Ruty Bar
Edie Solo
Galit Yarden
Irit Segal
Amir Itzchayek


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