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Created by
Ruthy Alon Ph.D
Awakening Personal Compass
for Optimal Functioning
Based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning
Movement Intelligence Solutions
for Individual Problems
Self-Care Strategies for Optimal Mobility


Ruthy Alon in Munich 2011

Welcome To Movement Intelligence

This year!
I will Move the Way Nature Meant!

I will put my fork down 

I will notice the way I'm breathing.
How the food tastes. The action of chewing

I will bounce every day,
Fall into a wall in a wave, in step position, rhythmically 
First one hand and then the other rebounding and starting over 
I will take my poles and walk in Nature
Out with uncertainties - in with Biological Optimism!

Thank You Ruthy!!
- By Ellen Gordon -

Awaken your Movement Intelligence —
your personal compass for navigating optimal coordination

The human baby had not received his movement skills
just on being born. Unlike animals, the human infant
has to earn his functions all by himself,
through an autonomous, unrelenting trial-and-error search
through many possibilities for fulfilling his urges.

Rediscover mature, optimal body management
by following in the footsteps of Nature’s original strategy
of the baby's learning at the beginning of life,
by sensory evaluation of un familiar options  

Upgrade your functioning through a series of guided explorations
that allow you to explore unused possibilities,
and accordingly reset the judgement
of your organism’s subconscious sensory core —
which innately knows what best serves life.

Learn to free yourself from functional disturbances,
through perspective of the interdependency
between all parts of your body —
this integrative network of all body parts,
where every member affects and is affected by all the others,
is the most characteristic principle of organic life.

Transform your counter-productive beliefs
of compromising with no choice of being a victim —
into learning the solutions that rely solely
upon how you do what you do, launching a journey toward progress. 

Give your self-correcting organism a chance
to restore its natural capacity
for organizing harmonious coordination —
even though suppressed by a lifetime less than perfect habits —
and rekindle your trust in moving with spontaneous joy and ease.

The human body, unlike manmade machines,
does not wear down if you keep using it, all the time,
to its fullest potential.

People who have passion for bodily efficiency
and can invent new combinatory solutions
for meeting un-predictable needs,
own a direct lever for developing their Homo Sapiens brain.

Harmonious, easily flowing movement,
full of vitality and loaded with dynamic impact,
is proportional to your stamina of life energy, joy,
and biological optimism.

What you do today becomes easier to do tomorrow
What you don’t do becomes more difficult.

Your walking is only as good as your ability to stand on one foot.
Your posture is only as good as your quality of movement. 

If prehistoric humans were unable to walk well
they would not have survived, and we would not be here today.

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